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Who We Are

Oaktree Financial are a team of friendly financial experts based in Cork and Dublin, Ireland.

Whether you are interested in retirement planning, wealth management, travel insurance or other money matters, a qualified financial advisor from Oaktree can provide expert advice to help you achieve financial freedom and your financial goals.

At Oaktree, our financial advisors pride themselves on giving you the peace of mind to live the life you dream of.

What We Do

Our qualified financial planners provide the guidance you need to get what you want from life.

From managing assets to investing in pensions, our clients make well informed decisions to further their financial goals when they create a financial plan with an Oaktree financial planner.

What is Financial Planning

Financial Advisors in Cork, Dublin & Ireland

At Oaktree Financial Services, we believe in being with our clients for life and helping them to understand every part of their Financial Planning journey.

Our Services

Financial Planning

Plan your financial future with the whole of the Oaktree Team on your side.

Professional financial advice makes financial decisions simple, whether you are planning for retirement or for a mortgage.

Savings and Investments

Save & invest more wisely to ensure your money works harder for you.

Your Oaktree financial advisor will find the best financial service providers to suit your personal situation, providing advice to get you the highest returns on your investments.

Pension Planning

Ensure that you are planning ahead by securing a comfortable retirement income.

At Oaktree our financial planners will review the market to find the best pension plans for you and your family.

Income Protection

Protect your income in uncertain times with comprehensive accident or ill health cover.

At Oaktree we advise our clients to review their protection needs and plan for the unexpected.

Our services include providing advice on financial products such as serious illness cover, which can prove extremely helpful in times of crisis.


Begin or continue your journey on the property ladder with help from Oaktree Financial.

Whether you are just starting out creating a home for your family, or you are looking to increase your assets and property portfolio, guidance from Oaktree financial advisors can help you get the mortgage you need.

Life Insurance & Mortgage Cover

Nobody likes to think about it, but would your family be able to pay the bills without you?

Our financial advisors can give you sensitive financial advice to ensure you can support and provide for your loved ones in the event of your death.

Our ethos is simple.
Trusted, timely and simple planning for your financial future.

No matter what your situation is, we can help you with trusted, jargon-free advice to ease your concerns around your money and your future.

Financial planning FAQs

When it comes to making a financial plan, most people have a lot of questions. Here’s the Oaktree jargon-free guide to professional financial advice.

Why do I need a financial planner?

One team to take care of all your needs, for life.

Our down-to-earth approach to financial planning helps you make the most of what you have. We help make your money work harder for you, with straightforward advice and trusted action.

A good financial advisor can make a huge difference to your finances, whether that’s with retirement planning, achieving financial goals, or making significant financial decisions.

Avoid costly mistakes and feel confident in all money matters with Oaktree Financial.

I'm worried that I don't understand enough about financial matters to talk to a financial advisor.

Don’t worry! There are no silly questions.

Financial planning can be intimidating and we understand this is a new experience with new jargon to get your head around.

We believe there are no silly questions and want to ensure that you’re up to speed with everything we discuss. We give you straightforward advice to help guide you along your journey.

A lack of financial understanding is exactly why you should talk to a professional financial advisor.

It’s our job to offer advice in clear terms, to help you deal with the complex world of financial products, and to achieve your financial goals, with less stress and more enjoyment.

Can I afford a financial advisor?

At Oaktree Financial, we believe financial planning is for everyone, not only those with substantial wealth.

We want to make our expertise accessible and keep our fees transparent for each and every client.

We only get paid when you are 100% happy with what we are planning together. We are completely upfront about how we get paid and we take everything one step at a time.

Our first meeting with each client takes the form of a complimentary chat, where we will assess whether we can help you, and fully explain the potential costs and fees of our services.

What can a financial advisor help me achieve?

Good financial advice can help with all the significant stages in life.

Whether you are looking for your first mortgage, you want to increase your savings, or you need to start a pension, managing your finances skillfully can make all the difference to whether you achieve your goals.

From your first meeting with your chosen financial advisor, their expertise can help you select the most suitable financial product for your needs, maximize the value of your investments, and ensure you have adequate insurance against the unexpected.

Your financial planner will be able to access financial products that aren’t available to the public, using their specialist financial knowledge to make your money work as hard as possible on your behalf. They will survey potential products, taking into account costs and fees, and then recommend the most suitable services for your finances.

What qualifications must a financial advisor have?

Financial advisors in Ireland are well regulated, so you can be sure you are receiving reliable expertise. There are several levels of financial qualification to look out for when selecting your financial service providers.

The minimum requirement for a face-to-face financial advisor is the Qualified Financial Advisor qualification. Financial advisors may have also completed further training, such as the Specialist Investment Advisor (SIA) qualification or the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) qualification.

All financial advisors are required to maintain their continuous professional development, in order to ensure their advice stays relevant and their knowledge remains current, in compliance with standards laid out by The Central Bank.

How should I choose a good financial advisor?

Choosing the right financial advisor for you is a key step in gaining the expertise you need to secure a bright financial future.

Look at the qualifications of the team, and the specific services they provide. Do they cover the areas you are interested in, whether that is insurance, money management, or pension and investment?

If they have great reviews from previous clients, and their service has a good reputation, they could be the financial advisors you need.

At Oaktree Financial we pride ourselves on our positive client relationships, and can boast not only premium advice, but a friendly team dedicated to building life-long communities around our services.

All-Star Financial Services Team Of The Year

One team to take care of all your needs, for life.

Our down-to-earth approach to financial planning is to make the most out of what you have by making your money work harder for you with straightforward advice and trusted action.

There are no silly questions.

Financial Planning can be intimidating and we understand this is a new experience with new jargon to get your head around. We believe there are no silly questions and want to ensure that you’re up to speed with everything we discuss. We give you straightforward advice to help guide you along your journey.

Let’s talk money.

We only get paid when you are 100% happy with what we are planning together. We are completely upfront about how we get paid and we take everything one step at a time.

Excellence in Financial Services

Showcasing the awards that underline our leadership and innovation in Financial Services

Excellence in Financial Services

Take control of your financial future with Financial Planning from Oaktree Financial Services.

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What our customers say

{I have had a corporate pension plan for my employees for a number of years through another broker but I took the opportunity earlier this year to move our existing policies over to OakTree (Adrian). I am delighted I did so. As you hear in the general pension conversions, ‘the performance of a particular policy/ fund cannot be guaranteed, but I can categorically state, that the professionalism and service of OakTree CAN! In my personal opinion, Adrian has gone far and above my original high expectations. Time and again he has offered helpful and meaningful advice when it came to the selection of services available to us. To his fault, he is always available for consultation on policy matters. All information given is clear and understandable, even to me. As the initial service was so good, I have since taken out further policies on a personal level. I will be happy to do so again in the not-too-distant future. In these times, with the frequent use of Zoom meetings, I can advise that it is clear that Oaktree and Adrian, take their customers professional and personal financial matters personally, always striving for positive results.
Micheal Dillon
{Friendly, competent financial advice backed by an experienced team qualified in pensions, savings and investments. OakTree Financial Services offers a first-class service and I have successfully switched my occupational pension to a private one with lower fund charges and fees with an equivalent or better risk/ return profile. I also took advantage of their advice in tax planning and asset management. The whole experience has been a pleasure. Strongly recommend.
Simon Bockett
{Dealing with Adrian and his team is always a pleasure. He explains everything in a way that is very easy to understand and he is always very aware of what is best for my situation. I highly recommend anyone looking for honest, personalised financial advice to speak with Adrian or Tracy.
Andrew Kingston
{Excellent service. Would recommend Adrian and Dennis to anyone needing financial advice or seeking a mortgage. They guided us efficiently and knowledgeably through a very complicated mortgage application.
Ellen Wakefield
Excellent advice. Also excellent suggestions that I had not considered but will now. Did not have answer to one question, however what was great was acknowledged that did not have answer and will get it. Far, far better than making up an answer. Honest, friendly, knowledgeable, explained everything in a way that I fully understood. Thanks.
Mary McCarthy
{I have always found Adrian and the gang a pleasure to deal with, very professional and always accurate. I would recommend.
Brian Whelan

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