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It’s never too early (or too late) to take control of your money and your future.

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At Oaktree Financial Services, we believe in being with our clients for life and helping them to understand every part of their Financial Planning journey.

Financial Planning

Plan your financial future with the whole of the Oaktree Team on your side.

Savings and Investments

Save & Invest more wisely to ensure your money works harder for you.

Pension Planning

Ensure that you are planning for your future by securing a comfortable retirement income.

Income Protection

(Accident or Ill Health)
Protect your income in uncertain times.


Begin or continue your journey on the property ladder.

Life Insurance & Mortgage Cover

Support and provide for your loved ones in the event of your death.

Our ethos is simple.
Trusted, timely and simple planning for your financial future.

No matter what your situation is, we can help you with trusted, jargon-free advice to ease your concerns around your money and your future.

One team to take care of all your needs, for life.

Our down-to-earth approach to financial planning is to make the most out of what you have by making your money work harder for you with straightforward advice and trusted action.

There are no silly questions.

Financial Planning can be intimidating and we understand this is a new experience with new jargon to get your head around. We believe there are no silly questions and want to ensure that you’re up to speed with everything we discuss. We give you straightforward advice to help guide you along your journey.

Let’s talk money.

We only get paid when you are 100% happy with what we are planning together. We are completely upfront about how we get paid and we take everything one step at a time.

Take control of your financial future with Financial Planning from Oaktree Financial Services.

A Guide to Pensions Adjustment Order

A Guide to Pensions Adjustment Order

Pensions and Divorce in Ireland When you end your marriage (or civil partnership or cohabitation) by judicial separation, divorce or dissolution, the court can decide to share your assets with your former partner or any dependent children. This is to make sure that...

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4 Ways to Protect Your Pension in Divorce

4 Ways to Protect Your Pension in Divorce

Divorce can not only take a substantial emotional toll, but it can also have a lasting impact on your financial status. Separating your assets from those of your spouse can be particularly tricky if your pension funding is at stake. A pension earned by one spouse is...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Life Insurance Cover in Ireland

A Comprehensive Guide to Life Insurance Cover in Ireland

There are many types of insurance available, and if you are just starting to get organised and are considering different types of policy, you may be finding it to be an intimidating minefield! Which types of insurance do you really need, and how do they all work? If...

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What our customers say

{I have had a corporate pension plan for my employees for a number of years through another broker but I took the opportunity earlier this year to move our existing policies over to OakTree (Adrian). I am delighted I did so. As you hear in the general pension conversions, ‘the performance of a particular policy/ fund cannot be guaranteed, but I can categorically state, that the professionalism and service of OakTree CAN! In my personal opinion, Adrian has gone far and above my original high expectations. Time and again he has offered helpful and meaningful advice when it came to the selection of services available to us. To his fault, he is always available for consultation on policy matters. All information given is clear and understandable, even to me. As the initial service was so good, I have since taken out further policies on a personal level. I will be happy to do so again in the not-too-distant future. In these times, with the frequent use of Zoom meetings, I can advise that it is clear that Oaktree and Adrian, take their customers professional and personal financial matters personally, always striving for positive results.
Micheal Dillon
{Friendly, competent financial advice backed by an experienced team qualified in pensions, savings and investments. OakTree Financial Services offers a first-class service and I have successfully switched my occupational pension to a private one with lower fund charges and fees with an equivalent or better risk/ return profile. I also took advantage of their advice in tax planning and asset management. The whole experience has been a pleasure. Strongly recommend.
Simon Bockett
{Dealing with Adrian and his team is always a pleasure. He explains everything in a way that is very easy to understand and he is always very aware of what is best for my situation. I highly recommend anyone looking for honest, personalised financial advice to speak with Adrian or Tracy.
Andrew Kingston
{Excellent service. Would recommend Adrian and Dennis to anyone needing financial advice or seeking a mortgage. They guided us efficiently and knowledgeably through a very complicated mortgage application.
Ellen Wakefield
Excellent advice. Also excellent suggestions that I had not considered but will now. Did not have answer to one question, however what was great was acknowledged that did not have answer and will get it. Far, far better than making up an answer. Honest, friendly, knowledgeable, explained everything in a way that I fully understood. Thanks.
Mary McCarthy
{I have always found Adrian and the gang a pleasure to deal with, very professional and always accurate. I would recommend.
Brian Whelan

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