Are you buying your first home, trading up, or want to make sure your existing mortgage is right for you?

For most of us taking out a mortgage can be the largest financial transaction and commitment we are ever likely to make. This means it is vital that you understand the options available and get the right mortgage for you.

At Oaktree we can do just that! As an independent broker we have access to the most competitive, comprehensive mortgage products on the market. This means we will find the right mortgage for you, saving you time and money.

As mortgage brokers we believe that financial planning is the most important aspect of the mortgage service Oaktree provides. We encourage you to examine your financial circumstances, and then talk you through the different mortgage providers, types of mortgages, length of term and the fixed/variable options. From this we can present you with a broad range of options to choose from.

Oaktree look after all the paperwork and red tape associated with the application process, making it as stress free as possible for you.

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