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In your 20s Get saving: Saving is the habit of a lifetime and in order to create a habit, you need to put something into practice. Open a savings account and start as early as you can – whether it’s €10 a week from a part-time job or €100 a month from your salary, before […]

Saving & Investing is essential for good money management because it ensures both present and future financial security.  Not only do you end up with more money in the bank, but you also end up with another income stream. Savings and Investment are the only way to achieve a growing wealth and passive income.  With […]

Many of us will have over-indulged during the festive season and will start the new year wanting to get healthier. Whether it’s stopping smoking, losing weight, eating more healthily or getting fitter, most of us will make at least one New Year’s resolution, but how many of us will actually go on to achieve it? […]

This time of year can be hectic for many – organising ourselves to be ready for that one day. We spend so much time focusing on this time of year and yet it’s over in a flash. What if we spent the same amount of time focusing on ourselves and our finances – something that […]

As people progress through their life a time will come when retirement will be on the doorstep. For some people the State pension is enough to provide a basic level of income.  Others may have an opportunity to accumulate wealth without using pension schemes – perhaps through their business ventures or other assets.  But most […]

The Minister for Finance, Public Expenditure & Reform, Paschal Donohoe, delivered Budget 2020 today. Due to continued uncertainty around the UK leaving the EU, the Minister has formulated Budget 2020 on the assumption of a no-deal Brexit on October 31. While there were a small number of positives for certain taxpayers, given the backdrop, it […]

It could be claimed that the most important savings an individual should do is to contribute into their pension fund. Arguably saving should be the very first thing you do whenever you get paid, before you have the chance to spend that money someplace else. If you’re disciplined about this ‘pay yourself first’ approach to […]

A great education is the best possible start in life and for most parents ensuring they can provide for their children’s education, from primary school right through to third level, is crucial. The cost of education research clearly shows that college education doesn’t come cheap and by the time a teenager reaches third level, parents […]

We’ve all heard of Income Protection Insurance, but is it something we need to pay for or is it a luxury for when there’s extra cash on the table? The thought of becoming ill and being unable to work is extremely daunting. But life can be unpredictable and often throws curve balls in our direction. […]

1. Know why you are investing What big Life Goals do you want to support in the future? Any marriages, expensive schooling or retirements on the horizon? Of course, there are!! There are always reasons to invest – but be sure at the outset you know what your targets are. 2. Save money and know […]